Main Event Entertainment is expanding our footprint outside of Texas for the first time! We are super excited about moving to Tempe, Arizona and we want you guys to help show them how much! Join Main Event Entertainment on Instagram for our #EatBowlPlay Photo Contest! From Nov. 1, 2013 though Nov. 28, 2013, we’re giving away $100 FUNcards every week and one lucky fan will win a FREE Birthday Party for 10 people (A $230 value) at the end of the contest.

Main Event Entertainment Instagram contest #eatbowlplay


Whether it’s a selfie of you bowling, a picture of your friends playing in the arcade or a photo of your kids gearing up for laser tag, we want to see and show our new Tempe friends. If food photography is your thing or you have a talent for capturing the perfect angle of a bowling ball, we want to see those photos too! Upload your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #EatBowlPlay and you could win. Photo opportunities are everywhere at Main Event, so get creative!

Every Friday for four weeks, we will give away a $100 Main Event Entertainment FUNcard to our favorite photo. And, at the end of the contest, we’ll award one lucky fan a FREE Birthday party for having our ultimate favorite #EatBowlPlay photo!

Here’s how it works:

1. Follow @MainEventEntertainment on Instagram.

2. Take a photo of yourself, friends or family having fun and eating, bowling or playing at Main Event Entertainment. Or take photos that represent the Main Event Eat.Bowl.Play. experience without people in them.

3. Post your photo on Instagram and include the hashtag “#EatBowlPlay”.

4. Check the Instagram posts from @MainEventEntertainment every Friday evening to find out who won the weekly prize.

5. Check the Instagram posts from @MainEventEntertainment on Friday evening, Nov. 29, to find out who won the grand prize of a FREE Birthday party for 10 people ($230 value).

So what are you waiting for? Get started! Show us how much fun you’re having at Main Event Entertainment.

Click here for official rules and full contest details.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter as many times as you like.

When are the weekly winners announced?

We announce the weekly winners every Friday evening on our @MainEventEntertainment Instagram account and the Main Event Entertainment Facebook page.

It’s Friday and I don’t see a winner posted. Did I miss something?

Winners will be posted in the evening on Friday.

What are the date ranges for each week of the contest?

Each week of the contest runs a full 7 days, except the first week, which is shorter. The contest week starts on Friday and entries of that week and end the following Thursday. Here is the full schedule of how the weeks are divided:

Week 1: Nov. 1 – Nov. 7 (Weekly winner is announced Nov. 8)

Week 2: Nov. 9 – Nov. 14 (Weekly winner is announced Nov. 15)

Week 3: Nov. 15  – Nov. 21 (Weekly winner is announced Nov. 22)

Week 4: Nov. 22 – Nov. 28 (Weekly winner is announced Nov. 29)

What if I have an old Instagram photo that I want to enter? Can I just add the #EatBowlPlay hashtag to it?

No. Only photos posted to Instagram during the contest period are eligible. If you have an on old Instagram photo that you want to enter, you would need to re-post the photo to Instagram during the contest period.

What if I have a photo that wasn’t taken at a Main Event location that I want to enter?

Only photos taken at Main Event Entertainment are eligible for the contest (see locations here).

How do I know if I am a winner?

We will re-post your photo on the @MainEventEntertainment Instagram account. We will also reply to your original photo to notify you that you have won. You can also look for your photo on the Main Event Entertainment Facebook page.


Start snapping those pictures and good luck!


Main Event
Main Event

Main Event Entertainment is proud to preview to all its fans our newest concept currently under development! We are excited to bring to you Bowl Proud—a social media movement and another way to take pride in ourselves.
To give a little bit of a back-story, we simply felt the need to celebrate the bowler in everyone. We are certainly not all professionals on the lanes, but we all have a game nonetheless. We understand that every person who walks in our center has a story, an experience. Your bowl is your experience. So the creation of Bowl Proud is our tribute to you. Let’s have some fun…Come Bowl Proud with us…

Bowl Proud Hashtag

#Bowl Proud – Take Pride in your style.

It all begins with hashtag #bowlproud. Hashtag #bowlproud will be a conversation starter. As you experience the FUN of Main Event, you’ll now have a way to share those experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter. Tag your stories and comments with #bowlproud; tag your pictures on the lanes with #bowlproud; tag anything relevant with #bowlproud. Whether you’re with family, church members, a party or group, girlfriends or guyfriends, there’s interaction for everyone!

The great thing about this project is that everyone’s bowling “personality” fits into the Bowl Proud community. We thought it would be FUN to name our bowling “personalities”, here are a few we’ve come up with: the Bumper Babe, the Trip & Tosser, the Ramp Racer, the Gutter Duster, the Graceful Glider, and the Supreme Striker.

Everyone has that one name that describes them. Take me for example. When I say that my bowling skills are highly limited, it’s a complete understatement. My last bowling score barely broke 50 (I know, it’s sad). I know I’m a Gutter Duster and I have no shame in that…I Bowl Proud. What kind of bowler are you?

The Bowl Proud experience won’t just stop there. There are tons of more fun things we have planned for this project…but right now they’re our little secret.
If you’re a fan of Main Event, then you know it’s our goal to give you the best Eat.Bowl.Play. experience possible. Bowl Proud complements the “Bowl” in Eat.Bowl.Play. So, after giving you the 411 on Bowl Proud, we only have one question for you…ARE YOU IN?

Main Event
Main Event

Mother's Day at Main Event

Hey moms, are looking for something to do for Mother’s Day?

If you are like me, when you have kids, getting affection from them is truly the greatest gift of all.  And, if you have tweens and teens you probably are experiencing an affection drought!  At one time, these little babe’s who thought you were the most beautiful and best mom in the world,  showered you with hugs and kisses are nowhere to be seen unless it’s time for allowance!

So, moms, if what you really want is some attention and affection from your kiddos, you must take control on the one day they’re especially obligated to do something for and with you.

Forget going to a nice brunch or getting a cold gift card for a spa day.  Take your kids out on an adventure!   I promise, you’ll remember this long after any mani-pedi at the spa.

The secret to a memorable mother’s day with kids

I come up with the plan for my mother’s day to get the kids out with me but in and environment more conducive to activity and laughter that THEY will love too.

This has been a tradition for years now and it’s just me and the kids without daddy.
(Dad has to do something a little more special but that’s a different blog post.)

For several years the kids and I went to the big amusement park and seemed to have the place to ourselves, which was awesome.  But it’s gotten so crowded and sometime the weather either heat or rain messed up the plan.  So, we’ve stopped that as a destination.

Our favorite place to do Mother’s Day is now Main Event!

Go a little early and get right on a bowling lane without waiting.  Or, if you have to get your name on the list, have a delicious lunch (they’re new menu is yummy good with something for everyone).

My daughter and I especially rock the bowling shoe fashion and my son likes how the heavier bowling ball accentuates his growing bicep strength.

It’s hard to be grumpy or sulk when playing at Main Event.  The music is pumping and the lights and sounds add festive energy pumping up the fun factor.

I can go on about the laser tag, arcade competitions and other things to do at Main Event.  But, I recommend you try it out.  Take your kids to Main Event if your looking formsomething fun to do on Mother’s Day.

Because as we know, MOTHER’S KNOW BEST!

Main Event
Main Event

It’s the middle of Spring Break and the kids are getting restless.  The cries have begun, “I’m bored!”  “There’s nothing to do around here!”

Resist the temptation to say “You could go clean your room” and treat the kids to a FUN outing at Main Event Entertainment with the Spring Break FUNpass.

The Spring Break FUNpass is a great way to package a lot of FUN for yourself, your family and even their friends in one nice, low price!

From now until March 31, you can bowl, play laser tag, as well as many other location specific activities like rock climbing, Gravity ropes obstacle course (12 feet in the air!) and mini-golf. The best thing…you can play as much as you want during your FUNpass session.

There are two sessions everyday, a daytime session from 9AM – 4PM for $15.95 per person, per session and an evening session from 5PM to Close for $17.95 per person, per session.

The beauty of the Spring Break FUNpass is the versatility! The FUNpass is an easy solution to please all ages and interests. Plus the adults can enjoy a cocktail or two and play a few games of billiards while the kids are running amuck in the always safe, secure, family-friendly atmosphere.

Now you can please them all with a place that BURSTS with FUN ACTIVITIES and the cries will turn to “You’re the best Mom/Dad ever!”

See our website for full details.

Main Event
Main Event

Things to do on Valentines Day

Stumped at what to do for a date night or looking for something a little different than the norm for Valentines Day?

Candlelit dinners are so old school romance…… and soooo over the top expensive.  Some feel forced into spending on things that won’t last like flowers and candy.

Main Event has another option for this “Hallmark holiday”.

Modern Valentine’s Day Outing

This Valentines Day, shake things up a bit and go someplace where you can laugh out loud, run around and eat with your hands instead!  Laughter and fun times make long lasting memories and bring people closer together more than any stuffy dinner date.

So, express your affection this Valentines Day at Main Event Entertainment.  Whether it’s with a long time sweetie, a new love interest, or a way to show your kids that you can go a little crazy with them (instead of because of them), you should just come as you are and make it a special opportunity to show how much you care.

Teenagers can invite someone they like to go to Main Event and not feel so weird like on a typical dinner date.  Go as a group of couples and multiply the chance of getting some funny pictures or videos of the bowling action or trick shots on the pool tables.

Valentine’s Day Dinner and Specials

Check out the specials page on our website to see what’s going on and plan your visit around our specials.   Anytime you come, you’ll be surprised to see our new menu and how grown up it is – certainly date-worthy.

No matter what the holiday, any time you’re with friends or loved-ones having some fun and making some laughs, it will be one to remember.

Love is in the Center

So if you’re looking for fun things to do on Valentine’s Day or to spark up some affection throughout the year, get closer with the ones you love with a little bowling, laser tag, gaming, climbing.  Check out your closest location for other Main Event family fun center specific activities available.

And to our wonderful customers, we’d just like to say …..

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Each day of the year,

We really Love You!  xxoo

Main Event
Main Event

When visiting Main Event Entertainment, one of the main attractions is bowling.   If you look closer, you might also discover the funniest entertainment – observing the different ways people bowl.   There are probably as many different styles of bowling as there are people.

Have you seen these bowling styles in action?

The graceful bowler

They are more experienced and take their approach and ball release with such fluid motion the ball makes no sound hitting the lane.  The back leg slides gracefully to one side in a balance with an arm that raises extended like a bow after a dance performance.

The serious bowler

They are the ones who are so focused you’d think their stare will have the pins falling down in fear before the ball is released.  Nothing seems to faze them, either.  Whether a spare, strike or split, they maintain their game face till the finish.

The entertainer bowler

This bowler is typically more interested in making his friends laugh than how many pins are hit.  The laughs may generate from the way he comes up with strange and unconventional styles of rolling the ball that would horrify the Graceful Bowler above.  This bowler keeps the lane maintenance worker’s job secure.

The dancing bowler

Main Event is a great place to boogey while you bowl.  With the rocking music and black light disco lights that come on now and then, the dancing bowler assumes the John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever personality.  The slick bowling shoes is a bonus for a dancing bowler.  You’ll see slides and spins and maybe a hip wiggle during their turn on the bowling “dance floor”.

The bowling whisperer

This bowler communicates with the ball and the pins.  “I’m gonna take you down.” She says to the pins.  “Ok baby, roll right down the middle and do your thing.”, she’ll instruct the ball.  When they don’t do as told, you may hear some scolding from the bowling whisperer.   When she hears the equipment talk back in the conversation, well, prepare to change lanes.

The happy bowler

This is everyone who makes their way to Main Event for an hour or two of bowling with friends, family, or colleagues.  Come one, come all, happy bowlers….come refine your own special one-of-a-kind bowling style!

Let us know what you’re style of bowling is!

Main Event
Main Event

Main Event is very much committed to offering a family-friendly environment, and our goal is to ensure all of our guests and families are provided a safe and enjoyable experience. Bowling by its very nature appeals to a very broad demographic and Main Event Entertainment works very hard to attract a diverse work force to serve a very diverse clientele. As an organization, our foremost concern is that all of our guests and staff are treated with dignity and respect in each of our centers, regardless of sexual orientation, age, race, color, religion, or national origin.

Main Event invites our diverse group of patrons to provide feedback on their experiences and how we can better serve our customers. Main Event is committed to providing an enjoyable “Eat.Bowl.Play” experience at each location and we thoroughly welcome feedback.

Main Event
Main Event

Family Bowling Entertainment

New Year’ Resolution:  Have More Fun!

Let Main Event Facilitate this Important Goal for 2013

Having fun is really a state of mind and the feeling you have when doing something you like around people you like.    Set your goals to add more fun into your world in 2013.

Unless you take action, though, goals and resolutions never come to be.    So Main Event is here to help you with easy steps to ensure you get your fun done in the new year.

How to have fun:

Step 1:  Identify your free time.   Book your Fun.

No one has free time these days because your time ends up getting filled with something.  But much of it is random and not nearly as important as moments of laughter and joy with family and friends.   So, look ahead a BOOK SOME TIME FOR FUN in your calendars.

Step 2:   Invite others.

Sometimes all it takes is for one person to take initiative in planning an event or an outing.  Most people love it when someone else has a great idea and organizes the details.  At Main Event we can help with party planning or just make recommendations on the best way to play through the different games available in our centers.    Or, of course, you can just show up and go with the flow and see where the fun takes you.

Step 3:  Leave your worries behind.

Whether it’s school or work or stresses of life.  Leave it at the door.  Entering Main Event is a time to relax from your daily grind and remember how good it feels to giggle, to be silly, to laugh out loud.   Bring your happy attitude.

Step 4:  Be adventurous.

Maybe you stick with the games or the bowling you are familiar with – or maybe you get adventurous and try something new.   Have you done a ropes course or laser tag?  Maybe your Main Event location has Glow Golf or the Gravitrone thrill ride.  Challenge your group to get out of your comfort zone and the laughs will follow.  Guaranteed.

Step 5:  Repeat

Now as some point you will have to go home.  But remember your New Year’s Resolution to Have More Fun?  Take action and plan your next gathering at the family fun center.   Next time you may want to join in for one of the special events throughout the year.  Every month has some special offer and event.  Or get really committed to fun by joining a bowling league or renting out the place for your company party.

Let Main Event Entertainment help you get your FUN DONE in 2013.

Main Event
Main Event

Main Event New Year's Eve

I was on the internet looking for things to do to entertain the kid’s over the holidays and was checking out Main Event’s web site and was so excited to see that Main Event is bringing back their New Year’s Eve All You Can Play packages again this year!

Our family went last year for the first time and had such a good time we talked about it for days.

It was nice to be able to celebrate as a family for a change.  For years, my husband and I have had to find a sitter (not an easy feat for New Year’s Eve!), book reservations for dinner or a hotel party or go to a local watering hole to celebrate. Every place was always over-crowded, over-priced and underwhelming and we spent the night feeling guilty that we weren’t home to blow noisemakers, hoot n’ holler and celebrate with the kids.

Not last year.  Last year was a blast!   I found it on a whim one day when I was once again looking for fun things to do as a family.  It was just a few days before New Year’s Eve and I panicked that it would be sold out, but when I called Main Event the friendly voice on the other end of the line assured me that no advance purchase or reservations were necessary, just come and have a great time.

We went and bowled a few games and the kids went and played laser tag while my husband and I enjoyed an adult beverage and shot a game of pool.  We all went down to the arcade and played some video games and then everyone picked their favorite activity and we did each as a family.  It was really nice!!

We then sat down for a meal and were really impressed by the variety and quality of the food.  The kids got chicken fingers and pizza, my husband devoured the ribs, while I had flatbread and a salad.

Another thing I loved about celebrating at Main Event, and I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I loved that fact that I didn’t have to get my hair done and buy an expensive dress and wear painful high heels.  I was able to have a casual evening with the family and really enjoy myself.

Well all that said, I guess you don’t have to guess too hard where you’ll find our family this year on New Year’s Eve.  You guessed it…we’ll be ringin’ it in the right way at Main Event Entertainment.

*New Year’s Eve offer available on Saturday, December 31st, 2012 only (Winter FUNpass and Monday Night Madness not available on this day). Certain restrictions apply. Please Click here for details.

Main Event
Main Event

Join Main Event for our 8 for 8 Fun Bowling Leagues!

You’ll have a ball every week with these social leagues that are all about getting together for an evening of fun with friends or family and really not about how great a bowler you are.  These leagues are perfect for all skill levels.

This ain’t your Grandpa’s bowling league! No stuffy league rules or smoky atmosphere here…just a lot of laughs, games and prizes, great food and drinks.

This year’s leagues will start the week of January 13th and will run for eight weeks, with the last day being March 7. There is a different league each night of the week except Friday and Saturday.

This season, if you join the Diet Dr. Pepper Rock & Bowl league on Wednesday nights and pay in advance for the eight weeks, you get a FREE Diet Dr. Pepper branded ball!

We’re accepting registrations now, so gather a group of your favorite FUN folks and sign up today!

Main Event
Main Event