Battle of the Balls

Unusual competition on the bowling lanes pits balls vs. pins

The crowds cheered as the bowling alley lights went down and the music came on.  It was Laser Jam Night at Main Event, and anticipation was in the air.  Everyone was ready for another fantastic night of competitive sport and sheer entertainment.  They eagerly collected their bowling shoes, and chose their weapon for the immense bowling experience.  However, the crowd didn’t realize the battle that was within.  For the bowling balls and bowling pins, tonight was serious business…they had a century old bet to settle.

Rolanda and Tip – A Bowling Ball vs. Pin Fight for Pizza

Who did the bowler find more fun to play with?  Rolanda, a size 12, shiny red bowling ball just knew it was the balls.  But Tip, the leader of the pins, knew that wasn’t so!  To make things more interesting, they made it into a bet: whoever was the most fun to play with would be able to eat all the pizza in the food court.   As the bowlers lined up at their alleys, the sides began to mock each other. 

“They obviously like US better!  They prefer to roll US instead of you!” the balls shouted.

 “Are you insane?  They like to choose which one of US they will knock down a lot more than they like to choose YOU!” the pins shouted. 

Rolanda began to shout as well.  “Listen up pinheads, I want that pizza, and I am not gonna be stopped by a bunch a oversized tooth picks!” she screamed. 

“Is that the best you got”, shouted Tip. “You look like a bunch of oversized pepperoni stuck together with super-glue!” 

“Yeah, well I’m ‘bout to go pepperoni all over your face!”  The buzzer went off and Rolanda was the first to go. 

She yelled at Tip, “I’m gonna knock your red stripes off!” 

“Oh no your not!” the pins shouted back, and they pushed her into the gutter.

 “You’re gonna pay for that!”  Another ball rolled up to the pins, and they stepped aside to make him miss. 

“I guess its time for a good ol’ fashioned SIDE SWIPE!” he yelled.  The ball moved to the right side and knocked 6 pins down.  “Yeah, score one for the balls back home!”

 The balls continued their advance.  Pins were knocked down left and right, and the crowd cheered with excitement.

Bowling game winner gets pizza – causes fight to the finish

When the clock struck midnight, the sport reached maximum intensity.  Balls were being rolled left and right, pins were flying up in the air, and the winner of the bet was drawing all the more closer.  Rolanda was serious now: by that time she had knocked the top off of a pin’s head, tossed another ball into another lane, and nearly hit some kid in the leg.  “Dat cheese is as good as mine,” she said.  The other bowling balls were equally excited.  They couldn’t wait to eat that delicious pizza.  They decided to give one last devastating charge to end it.  With that the bowlers lifted their balls high and blasted them onto the lanes.  They were rolling at light speed, the lanes being torn apart in their wake.  The bowling pins stood firm like a brick wall and Tip was ready to push them back.  Their formation was so strong the collision with the bowling balls caused a massive ricochet that catapulted them all into the food court.  With their fancy colors and their funny faces, they all realized the Balls had won the Battle.  Rolanda gave a final shout out “Thanks Pin Heads!  I’m going to the food court for pizza!”

Note from Main Event:  We appreciate the creativity of our student guest bloggers!  We hope their creative posts inspire fun and imagination in all who read them.   We invite you to participate in the fun at one of our family fun centers near you.  Main Event is a great destination for all ages and levels of imagination.

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