BOWL PROUD – Are you in?

Main Event Entertainment is proud to preview to all its fans our newest concept currently under development! We are excited to bring to you Bowl Proud—a social media movement and another way to take pride in ourselves.
To give a little bit of a back-story, we simply felt the need to celebrate the bowler in everyone. We are certainly not all professionals on the lanes, but we all have a game nonetheless. We understand that every person who walks in our center has a story, an experience. Your bowl is your experience. So the creation of Bowl Proud is our tribute to you. Let’s have some fun…Come Bowl Proud with us…

Bowl Proud Hashtag

#Bowl Proud – Take Pride in your style.

It all begins with hashtag #bowlproud. Hashtag #bowlproud will be a conversation starter. As you experience the FUN of Main Event, you’ll now have a way to share those experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter. Tag your stories and comments with #bowlproud; tag your pictures on the lanes with #bowlproud; tag anything relevant with #bowlproud. Whether you’re with family, church members, a party or group, girlfriends or guyfriends, there’s interaction for everyone!

The great thing about this project is that everyone’s bowling “personality” fits into the Bowl Proud community. We thought it would be FUN to name our bowling “personalities”, here are a few we’ve come up with: the Bumper Babe, the Trip & Tosser, the Ramp Racer, the Gutter Duster, the Graceful Glider, and the Supreme Striker.

Everyone has that one name that describes them. Take me for example. When I say that my bowling skills are highly limited, it’s a complete understatement. My last bowling score barely broke 50 (I know, it’s sad). I know I’m a Gutter Duster and I have no shame in that…I Bowl Proud. What kind of bowler are you?

The Bowl Proud experience won’t just stop there. There are tons of more fun things we have planned for this project…but right now they’re our little secret.
If you’re a fan of Main Event, then you know it’s our goal to give you the best Eat.Bowl.Play. experience possible. Bowl Proud complements the “Bowl” in Eat.Bowl.Play. So, after giving you the 411 on Bowl Proud, we only have one question for you…ARE YOU IN?

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