I went out to Main Event in Frisco for a little fun with my best friend Savannah after being stuck all week in a tough volleyball team filled schedule.  And what a way to end the week it was. I hadn’t been to Main Event in almost a year and I’d almost forgotten how to “do it”, but as soon as we got our play cards my skills came very naturally. Savannah and I darted straight to the arcade games, the classic Skee Ball in particular. We basically did a circuit of the entire game room, including the “kiddy games”.  We have no shame!

Girls Rock Out at Main Event Arcade

Just like anyone else who has ever been to Main Event, we were immediately drawn to Guitar Hero! After playing almost 10 songs we realized how long we had been rocking and rocking. One could easily say we got lost in our rock star mentalities.

After the adventures in the arcade room had come to an end, we spotted what looked like an obstacle course, or a canopy zip line tour, or maybe a hybrid of the two.

On to the Ropes Course

I’m sure you can guess where we went next; Gravity Ropes– and they were absolutely exhilarating. (I had done them once before with my volleyball team. Main Event was our favorite place to go for team bonding.)

I’ve always been a little afraid of heights but I also love that feeling so these were perfect for me. To do the ropes you get into a harness and attach yourself to the ropes so there’s really no way of falling but there’s slack in the ropes so you still are completely in control of everywhere and everything you do – unless you fall – which I have.  Many times.  Savannah may or may not be a little more graceful on a harness than me, but these things happen sometimes!

After we came down from the ropes course we decided to play one more round of guitar hero before getting our bowling game on!

Bowling is fun with family, friends (or dates)

Bowling is always so much fun.  It’s also a great family event or even a fun date idea! I had my first date with my boyfriend bowling at Main Event! I totally beat him, but he claims to have gone easy on me. (That’s what they all say!) Anyway, Savannah and I bowled one game, and it was a close game, but I took the “W” in the end, and I know she didn’t go easy on me!

Girls and our (Bowling) Shoes

We both decided the best part of bowling, behind the black light moments, is THOSE SHOES! We had dance moves the world hadn’t ever seen before, thanks to those slippery shoes! Needless to say we had a great time at Main Event and we plan on going back and taking more of our girl friends!

Main Event
Main Event

Entertaining Out of Town Guests and Family Can Be So Easy.

Here’s An Emergency “Fun Things to Do” Game Plan for when you’ve got to get out of the house with your guests.

Summer and Holiday Guest Stress

Are you the type who defines happiness as when your guests arrive or when they leave?  Entertaining a houseful of family or visiting friends can be nerve racking especially when the heat is keeping everyone inside fighting for the remote or the last of the snacks while complaining there’s nothing to do or “I’m bored”.

Consider the different state of being you can find at Main Event.  One that takes you away from the frenzy of keeping the house clean and food prepared for a crowd while trying to be super mom or dad.

Here’s your emergency plan: Take your crew to Main Event and let us do the entertaining, the cooking, the cleaning, and the directing to each persons corner of happiness away from the house in the comfort of our enormous family fun centers.

There is something for everyone here so you can stick together or you can run about with your own personal happiness as priority.

Here are some fun things to do with a family

–  Start out with a group bowling event.  The lights and music (and the bumper option) make bowling fun for all ages.

–  Send the most daring of your group to try the ropes course or rock wall.*

–  Send the men to the billiards room for some fun on the professional level pool tables and see who gets the lucky shot that seemed like he planned it.

–  Send the game lovers to the Arcade area.  There are even some extreme rides you’ve got to check out there.  They may even have you hanging upside down. (Do this before pizza).

–  Meet up for some food where everyone can pick out a favorite from the latest menu – A dining destination in itself.

– Want to keep the family in the dark…. Laser Tag brings out some funny strategies and techniques from those who are most competitive.  You might see another side of your Uncle or cousin or parent.

–  And for you… maybe you might find yourself hidden away at the Shots Bar with a cool one just watching the action from the comfort of your personal bubble J  (as long as you’re 21, of course).

Entertainment Fun & Happiness

So don’t be cooped up with the ones you love.  Go out and get some happiness together at Main Event and let us take care of the “What’s there to do?” question!

A couple tips for a family group

– If you have a big group, consider reserving a party room as your “home base” while at the center. Call in advance for availability.

–  Check out our Specials.  There are some that run each day of the week and some that are time/day specific.  But all our specials give you more fun for the money.

Tell us about your visit

We really hope you make good memories while at our centers.  If so, please Like us on Facebook and get us in your Pintrest or Twitter posts and let us know.   In the process, some other family might be grateful for the idea for where to go for family fun in Dallas or in one of our other cities.

*(Rock wall available in Austin only)

Main Event
Main Event