Laser Tag – Making the Most of the Game with Your Imagination

Main Event Laser Tag

I still remember that day.  That pulse pounding, heart racing, action packed day.  The day that I enlisted for laser tag.  5 minutes I stood in line, with my hands shaking with excitement every passing second.  I traded words with the other enlisters, oblivious that they’d be in my gun sights during the battle.  At last, the doors opened, and the enlisters stepped inside, myself included.

Preparing for Laser Tag

Our referee introduced himself and we chose our weapons.  After minutes that felt like seconds, we were all geared up and ready to fight.  The referee had us split into two teams of even numbers.  Of course, our definition of “even” did not match his.  In the end it was him that chose our teams.  I stood by my fellow enlisters I talked to them in the line, as the referee fixed his problem.  He needed three soldiers on the other team, and chose them by pointing.  He pointed at me.  I had no choice.  My feet dragged me to other team.  After the choosing, we were sent into opposite sides of the battle ground.  Our referee informed us of the arena and gave us our marching orders.

The Battle  – More than a Laser Tag Game

My fellow soldiers and I charged our weapons with a special computer.  Our goal was simple: shoot or be shot.  Once the buzzer sounded, the arena began to fill with screams of determination and rage.  Before we knew it, we were ambushed.  The lasers begin to fly wildly, the enemies coming at us like a swarm of angry wasps.  In retaliation, we took cover.

As I watched my comrades be ripped apart by enemy fire, I circled around and shot down two guys, with two more closing in on me.  Avoiding their lasers, I quickly ran for the upper level, taking some of my fellow soldiers with me.

We ran for the pillars and peered out from the openings to cover the enemies with laser fire.  One down, two down, three down, eight more still standing.  They rushed us.  We were forced to fall back, but thankfully, got all our soldiers together to swarm them with a wild lightshow of ammunition.  They ran back.

Now it was our turn.  I screamed at the top of my tired lungs, yelling for my comrades to take the sides.  We shot down enemy after enemy like locusts devouring leaves like by the thousands.  They quickly got to their feet for another charge.  We surrounded their base, shooting it to win the battle.  At the same time, the opponents shot our base.  With great speed, I rushed over to shoo them away.  But my comrades were being shot down.  They retreated to resupply, but the time was running low.  After fully charging my life and weapon, I charged to the base, bringing only myself.  I screamed as I shot the base, and as I was shot too, they finally brought me down.

As we walked out, we traded our final farewells, until next time.

Main Event
Main Event