Mother’s, Take Control of Mothers Day

Mother's Day at Main Event

Hey moms, are looking for something to do for Mother’s Day?

If you are like me, when you have kids, getting affection from them is truly the greatest gift of all.  And, if you have tweens and teens you probably are experiencing an affection drought!  At one time, these little babe’s who thought you were the most beautiful and best mom in the world,  showered you with hugs and kisses are nowhere to be seen unless it’s time for allowance!

So, moms, if what you really want is some attention and affection from your kiddos, you must take control on the one day they’re especially obligated to do something for and with you.

Forget going to a nice brunch or getting a cold gift card for a spa day.  Take your kids out on an adventure!   I promise, you’ll remember this long after any mani-pedi at the spa.

The secret to a memorable mother’s day with kids

I come up with the plan for my mother’s day to get the kids out with me but in and environment more conducive to activity and laughter that THEY will love too.

This has been a tradition for years now and it’s just me and the kids without daddy.
(Dad has to do something a little more special but that’s a different blog post.)

For several years the kids and I went to the big amusement park and seemed to have the place to ourselves, which was awesome.  But it’s gotten so crowded and sometime the weather either heat or rain messed up the plan.  So, we’ve stopped that as a destination.

Our favorite place to do Mother’s Day is now Main Event!

Go a little early and get right on a bowling lane without waiting.  Or, if you have to get your name on the list, have a delicious lunch (they’re new menu is yummy good with something for everyone).

My daughter and I especially rock the bowling shoe fashion and my son likes how the heavier bowling ball accentuates his growing bicep strength.

It’s hard to be grumpy or sulk when playing at Main Event.  The music is pumping and the lights and sounds add festive energy pumping up the fun factor.

I can go on about the laser tag, arcade competitions and other things to do at Main Event.  But, I recommend you try it out.  Take your kids to Main Event if your looking formsomething fun to do on Mother’s Day.

Because as we know, MOTHER’S KNOW BEST!

Main Event
Main Event