New Year’ Resolution: Have More Fun!

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New Year’ Resolution:  Have More Fun!

Let Main Event Facilitate this Important Goal for 2013

Having fun is really a state of mind and the feeling you have when doing something you like around people you like.    Set your goals to add more fun into your world in 2013.

Unless you take action, though, goals and resolutions never come to be.    So Main Event is here to help you with easy steps to ensure you get your fun done in the new year.

How to have fun:

Step 1:  Identify your free time.   Book your Fun.

No one has free time these days because your time ends up getting filled with something.  But much of it is random and not nearly as important as moments of laughter and joy with family and friends.   So, look ahead a BOOK SOME TIME FOR FUN in your calendars.

Step 2:   Invite others.

Sometimes all it takes is for one person to take initiative in planning an event or an outing.  Most people love it when someone else has a great idea and organizes the details.  At Main Event we can help with party planning or just make recommendations on the best way to play through the different games available in our centers.    Or, of course, you can just show up and go with the flow and see where the fun takes you.

Step 3:  Leave your worries behind.

Whether it’s school or work or stresses of life.  Leave it at the door.  Entering Main Event is a time to relax from your daily grind and remember how good it feels to giggle, to be silly, to laugh out loud.   Bring your happy attitude.

Step 4:  Be adventurous.

Maybe you stick with the games or the bowling you are familiar with – or maybe you get adventurous and try something new.   Have you done a ropes course or laser tag?  Maybe your Main Event location has Glow Golf or the Gravitrone thrill ride.  Challenge your group to get out of your comfort zone and the laughs will follow.  Guaranteed.

Step 5:  Repeat

Now as some point you will have to go home.  But remember your New Year’s Resolution to Have More Fun?  Take action and plan your next gathering at the family fun center.   Next time you may want to join in for one of the special events throughout the year.  Every month has some special offer and event.  Or get really committed to fun by joining a bowling league or renting out the place for your company party.

Let Main Event Entertainment help you get your FUN DONE in 2013.

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