Romantic Encounters at Main Event

Things to do on Valentines Day

Stumped at what to do for a date night or looking for something a little different than the norm for Valentines Day?

Candlelit dinners are so old school romance…… and soooo over the top expensive.  Some feel forced into spending on things that won’t last like flowers and candy.

Main Event has another option for this “Hallmark holiday”.

Modern Valentine’s Day Outing

This Valentines Day, shake things up a bit and go someplace where you can laugh out loud, run around and eat with your hands instead!  Laughter and fun times make long lasting memories and bring people closer together more than any stuffy dinner date.

So, express your affection this Valentines Day at Main Event Entertainment.  Whether it’s with a long time sweetie, a new love interest, or a way to show your kids that you can go a little crazy with them (instead of because of them), you should just come as you are and make it a special opportunity to show how much you care.

Teenagers can invite someone they like to go to Main Event and not feel so weird like on a typical dinner date.  Go as a group of couples and multiply the chance of getting some funny pictures or videos of the bowling action or trick shots on the pool tables.

Valentine’s Day Dinner and Specials

Check out the specials page on our website to see what’s going on and plan your visit around our specials.   Anytime you come, you’ll be surprised to see our new menu and how grown up it is – certainly date-worthy.

No matter what the holiday, any time you’re with friends or loved-ones having some fun and making some laughs, it will be one to remember.

Love is in the Center

So if you’re looking for fun things to do on Valentine’s Day or to spark up some affection throughout the year, get closer with the ones you love with a little bowling, laser tag, gaming, climbing.  Check out your closest location for other Main Event family fun center specific activities available.

And to our wonderful customers, we’d just like to say …..

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Each day of the year,

We really Love You!  xxoo

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