As I walked down the Main Streets, my first reaction was Vegas!  The atmosphere consisted of flashing bright lights, colorful backgrounds, and the cheering of crowds.  Everyone everywhere was having fun on all the events, like bowling, pool, and the arcade casino.  Eager to get started on our tour of this fun city, my friend and I quickly got moving.  A rather popular game I decided to take a gamble at was bowling, the objective being as simple as knocking a few pins to the ground.  I‘ve always enjoyed a good gamble when the occasion jumps at me. 

We got our bowling shoes, the only footwear capable of resisting the slippery floor of the bowling alleys.  I carefully chose my ball.  Amateurs like me always need two things to get a good game: a steady hand and good luck…..mostly luck.  I finally chose my ball: a nice round size 12 ball.  The pins stared at me, trying to mess up my shot.  The blank stare on their faces can really make a guy lose his focus.  Ignoring them, I rolled by ball, landing a hit on 3 of them, 8 more still standing.  I unfortunately was unable to knock all of them down on my next shot.  My partner took her shot, no hits.  I had another chance to keep my lead.  I rolled the ball straight down the middle: strike!  Oh, it’s a rare instance to get a strike, and I always cheer myself when I make one!  My friend and I continued to play a few more games.  She did better as we played on, but I still kept topping the score. 

When we were finished with our bowling gamble, we headed to the casino to play some games.  I had heard everyone enjoys the casino.  If you win a game, you get currency (tickets).  The currency can be spent to buy stuff at the stands.  I had no interests in the stands today though.  There was only one game I was prepared to play: the Star Wars Arcade.  Tricky little machine had been knocking me to the ground and laughing at me for years.  It was time for payback.  I deposited my cash and sat in the big chair and grabbed the controller.  The game started.  Before I knew it I was blasting my way through virtual TIE fighters and snow walkers.  Alas, it beat me again.  But what a thrill it is to play that game. 

I get a smile every time no matter how long it beats me.  On our way out of the city we decided to grab a drink for old times sake.  Our drink of choice: a nice slushy.   I watched that machine mix the ice and blue raspberry goodness.  Just looking at that blue liquid made me long to be quenched.  I began to suck it down as we walked out down the Main Streets of Main Event.

Main Event
Main Event