When visiting Main Event Entertainment, one of the main attractions is bowling.   If you look closer, you might also discover the funniest entertainment – observing the different ways people bowl.   There are probably as many different styles of bowling as there are people.

Have you seen these bowling styles in action?

The graceful bowler

They are more experienced and take their approach and ball release with such fluid motion the ball makes no sound hitting the lane.  The back leg slides gracefully to one side in a balance with an arm that raises extended like a bow after a dance performance.

The serious bowler

They are the ones who are so focused you’d think their stare will have the pins falling down in fear before the ball is released.  Nothing seems to faze them, either.  Whether a spare, strike or split, they maintain their game face till the finish.

The entertainer bowler

This bowler is typically more interested in making his friends laugh than how many pins are hit.  The laughs may generate from the way he comes up with strange and unconventional styles of rolling the ball that would horrify the Graceful Bowler above.  This bowler keeps the lane maintenance worker’s job secure.

The dancing bowler

Main Event is a great place to boogey while you bowl.  With the rocking music and black light disco lights that come on now and then, the dancing bowler assumes the John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever personality.  The slick bowling shoes is a bonus for a dancing bowler.  You’ll see slides and spins and maybe a hip wiggle during their turn on the bowling “dance floor”.

The bowling whisperer

This bowler communicates with the ball and the pins.  “I’m gonna take you down.” She says to the pins.  “Ok baby, roll right down the middle and do your thing.”, she’ll instruct the ball.  When they don’t do as told, you may hear some scolding from the bowling whisperer.   When she hears the equipment talk back in the conversation, well, prepare to change lanes.

The happy bowler

This is everyone who makes their way to Main Event for an hour or two of bowling with friends, family, or colleagues.  Come one, come all, happy bowlers….come refine your own special one-of-a-kind bowling style!

Let us know what you’re style of bowling is!

Main Event
Main Event

Main Event New Year's Eve

I was on the internet looking for things to do to entertain the kid’s over the holidays and was checking out Main Event’s web site and was so excited to see that Main Event is bringing back their New Year’s Eve All You Can Play packages again this year!

Our family went last year for the first time and had such a good time we talked about it for days.

It was nice to be able to celebrate as a family for a change.  For years, my husband and I have had to find a sitter (not an easy feat for New Year’s Eve!), book reservations for dinner or a hotel party or go to a local watering hole to celebrate. Every place was always over-crowded, over-priced and underwhelming and we spent the night feeling guilty that we weren’t home to blow noisemakers, hoot n’ holler and celebrate with the kids.

Not last year.  Last year was a blast!   I found it on a whim one day when I was once again looking for fun things to do as a family.  It was just a few days before New Year’s Eve and I panicked that it would be sold out, but when I called Main Event the friendly voice on the other end of the line assured me that no advance purchase or reservations were necessary, just come and have a great time.

We went and bowled a few games and the kids went and played laser tag while my husband and I enjoyed an adult beverage and shot a game of pool.  We all went down to the arcade and played some video games and then everyone picked their favorite activity and we did each as a family.  It was really nice!!

We then sat down for a meal and were really impressed by the variety and quality of the food.  The kids got chicken fingers and pizza, my husband devoured the ribs, while I had flatbread and a salad.

Another thing I loved about celebrating at Main Event, and I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I loved that fact that I didn’t have to get my hair done and buy an expensive dress and wear painful high heels.  I was able to have a casual evening with the family and really enjoy myself.

Well all that said, I guess you don’t have to guess too hard where you’ll find our family this year on New Year’s Eve.  You guessed it…we’ll be ringin’ it in the right way at Main Event Entertainment.

*New Year’s Eve offer available on Saturday, December 31st, 2012 only (Winter FUNpass and Monday Night Madness not available on this day). Certain restrictions apply. Please Click here for details.

Main Event
Main Event

Join Main Event for our 8 for 8 Fun Bowling Leagues!

You’ll have a ball every week with these social leagues that are all about getting together for an evening of fun with friends or family and really not about how great a bowler you are.  These leagues are perfect for all skill levels.

This ain’t your Grandpa’s bowling league! No stuffy league rules or smoky atmosphere here…just a lot of laughs, games and prizes, great food and drinks.

This year’s leagues will start the week of January 13th and will run for eight weeks, with the last day being March 7. There is a different league each night of the week except Friday and Saturday.

This season, if you join the Diet Dr. Pepper Rock & Bowl league on Wednesday nights and pay in advance for the eight weeks, you get a FREE Diet Dr. Pepper branded ball!

We’re accepting registrations now, so gather a group of your favorite FUN folks and sign up today!

Main Event
Main Event

As I walked down the Main Streets, my first reaction was Vegas!  The atmosphere consisted of flashing bright lights, colorful backgrounds, and the cheering of crowds.  Everyone everywhere was having fun on all the events, like bowling, pool, and the arcade casino.  Eager to get started on our tour of this fun city, my friend and I quickly got moving.  A rather popular game I decided to take a gamble at was bowling, the objective being as simple as knocking a few pins to the ground.  I‘ve always enjoyed a good gamble when the occasion jumps at me. 

We got our bowling shoes, the only footwear capable of resisting the slippery floor of the bowling alleys.  I carefully chose my ball.  Amateurs like me always need two things to get a good game: a steady hand and good luck…..mostly luck.  I finally chose my ball: a nice round size 12 ball.  The pins stared at me, trying to mess up my shot.  The blank stare on their faces can really make a guy lose his focus.  Ignoring them, I rolled by ball, landing a hit on 3 of them, 8 more still standing.  I unfortunately was unable to knock all of them down on my next shot.  My partner took her shot, no hits.  I had another chance to keep my lead.  I rolled the ball straight down the middle: strike!  Oh, it’s a rare instance to get a strike, and I always cheer myself when I make one!  My friend and I continued to play a few more games.  She did better as we played on, but I still kept topping the score. 

When we were finished with our bowling gamble, we headed to the casino to play some games.  I had heard everyone enjoys the casino.  If you win a game, you get currency (tickets).  The currency can be spent to buy stuff at the stands.  I had no interests in the stands today though.  There was only one game I was prepared to play: the Star Wars Arcade.  Tricky little machine had been knocking me to the ground and laughing at me for years.  It was time for payback.  I deposited my cash and sat in the big chair and grabbed the controller.  The game started.  Before I knew it I was blasting my way through virtual TIE fighters and snow walkers.  Alas, it beat me again.  But what a thrill it is to play that game. 

I get a smile every time no matter how long it beats me.  On our way out of the city we decided to grab a drink for old times sake.  Our drink of choice: a nice slushy.   I watched that machine mix the ice and blue raspberry goodness.  Just looking at that blue liquid made me long to be quenched.  I began to suck it down as we walked out down the Main Streets of Main Event.

Main Event
Main Event

It’s the midst of Fall and the leaves are rustling, the temperature is dropping (as much as temperatures drop in Texas) and we have plenty of reasons to FALL in love with Main Event this season.

We’ve got $5 FUNbination where you can choose your own combination of FUN  and play all day long if you’d like to for just $5 for each activity from Open to Close, Sunday through Friday through November 16th.  .Want to bowl all you want from Open to Close…it’s just 5 bucks per person! Want to play Laser Tag and Billiards all day long…you can! … for just 5 bucks each!  Add rock climbing, mini golf or Gravity where available…you guessed it…just 5 bucks each!

Plus, until October 31st, get in on our Laser Tag Spooktacular where our Laser Tag arena takes on an other worldly dimension with spooky music $5 ALL YOU CAN PLAY Laser Tag all month long.

Jump into your Halloween costume and head out to Main Event on Sunday, October 28th from 2pm – 6pm.  Guests in costume will receive a special treat and can join our costume contest and possibly win some great prizes.

Rumor has it, but it hasn’t been proven, that one of our centers could be haunted.  Late at night doors open by themselves, footsteps can be heard on the 2nd level of an empty Laser Tag arena, shadows mysteriously appear on the walls of the Game Room and strange lights dart down the hallways in Party Street.  True?  We won’t say…you’ll just have to come in and see if the spirit moves you……Mwaaa haaa haaa

Main Event
Main Event

Unusual competition on the bowling lanes pits balls vs. pins

The crowds cheered as the bowling alley lights went down and the music came on.  It was Laser Jam Night at Main Event, and anticipation was in the air.  Everyone was ready for another fantastic night of competitive sport and sheer entertainment.  They eagerly collected their bowling shoes, and chose their weapon for the immense bowling experience.  However, the crowd didn’t realize the battle that was within.  For the bowling balls and bowling pins, tonight was serious business…they had a century old bet to settle.

Rolanda and Tip – A Bowling Ball vs. Pin Fight for Pizza

Who did the bowler find more fun to play with?  Rolanda, a size 12, shiny red bowling ball just knew it was the balls.  But Tip, the leader of the pins, knew that wasn’t so!  To make things more interesting, they made it into a bet: whoever was the most fun to play with would be able to eat all the pizza in the food court.   As the bowlers lined up at their alleys, the sides began to mock each other. 

“They obviously like US better!  They prefer to roll US instead of you!” the balls shouted.

 “Are you insane?  They like to choose which one of US they will knock down a lot more than they like to choose YOU!” the pins shouted. 

Rolanda began to shout as well.  “Listen up pinheads, I want that pizza, and I am not gonna be stopped by a bunch a oversized tooth picks!” she screamed. 

“Is that the best you got”, shouted Tip. “You look like a bunch of oversized pepperoni stuck together with super-glue!” 

“Yeah, well I’m ‘bout to go pepperoni all over your face!”  The buzzer went off and Rolanda was the first to go. 

She yelled at Tip, “I’m gonna knock your red stripes off!” 

“Oh no your not!” the pins shouted back, and they pushed her into the gutter.

 “You’re gonna pay for that!”  Another ball rolled up to the pins, and they stepped aside to make him miss. 

“I guess its time for a good ol’ fashioned SIDE SWIPE!” he yelled.  The ball moved to the right side and knocked 6 pins down.  “Yeah, score one for the balls back home!”

 The balls continued their advance.  Pins were knocked down left and right, and the crowd cheered with excitement.

Bowling game winner gets pizza – causes fight to the finish

When the clock struck midnight, the sport reached maximum intensity.  Balls were being rolled left and right, pins were flying up in the air, and the winner of the bet was drawing all the more closer.  Rolanda was serious now: by that time she had knocked the top off of a pin’s head, tossed another ball into another lane, and nearly hit some kid in the leg.  “Dat cheese is as good as mine,” she said.  The other bowling balls were equally excited.  They couldn’t wait to eat that delicious pizza.  They decided to give one last devastating charge to end it.  With that the bowlers lifted their balls high and blasted them onto the lanes.  They were rolling at light speed, the lanes being torn apart in their wake.  The bowling pins stood firm like a brick wall and Tip was ready to push them back.  Their formation was so strong the collision with the bowling balls caused a massive ricochet that catapulted them all into the food court.  With their fancy colors and their funny faces, they all realized the Balls had won the Battle.  Rolanda gave a final shout out “Thanks Pin Heads!  I’m going to the food court for pizza!”

Note from Main Event:  We appreciate the creativity of our student guest bloggers!  We hope their creative posts inspire fun and imagination in all who read them.   We invite you to participate in the fun at one of our family fun centers near you.  Main Event is a great destination for all ages and levels of imagination.

Main Event
Main Event

Are you hitting the gym again for the same old boring exercise routine?  Main Event challenges you to try something new!  Get to your local Main Event bowling alley for your health.  Yes, bowling is good exercise with side benefits.

Bowling Burns Calories

Bowling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, similar to walking with free weights. Bowling helps in burning calories and works muscle groups not usually exercised. The flexing and stretching in bowling works tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles in the arms and promotes weight loss. While most sports are not for elderly people, it is possible to practice bowling very well at advanced ages.

Apart from the physical benefits, it also has psychosocial benefits, strengthening friendships or creating new ones in groups. – Wikipedia

Laughter is healthy

We think the best health benefit is from the laughter and strengthening of friendships.    Individual or family bowling brings on the laughter – by watching others or laughing at oneself, humor is healthy.

Laughter has other benefits besides burning calories, including relief of emotional stress and a workout for the muscles of the diaphragm, abdomen, back, and shoulders.  So work that core extra hard with each bowl and giggle!  See what About.com has to say about healthy laughter: 

At Main Event, bowling and laughter go naturally together and will be more fun than gym machines or any yoga leg-up downward dog kind of movement.  So, mix up your exercise routine and come bowling at Main Event …for the exercise (wink wink). 

We recommend 30 minutes, 3 times per week.

Main Event
Main Event

One thing I truly love about Main Event is its versatility. I can take my grandma, my brother, my team, my best friends, the kids I babysit, or even my boyfriend! No matter who I’m with I will always have options of fun things to do. For instance, my first date was at Main Event and it was the perfect set up! We bowled which is fun competition, shared food at a great price, and even had arcade games and a little music to protect us from any awkward silences. (There’s always at least one!) My high school even has our post prom party at Main Event and every year nothing but great things are said about the experience.

Fun Card, Food & Games

It’s so easy to convince my friends to go to Main Event with me because there are so many selling points! If you want food they have it all! Pizza, Chicken Fingers, drinks, and even candies! The arcade games are not only kid friendly, but parent friendly too! Sometimes it is hard for adults to figure out some of the new games, but not here. And you never have to worry about losing any tokens or tickets because everything you need to have is on one little fun card!

If you haven’t ever played laser tag before, this is the place you want to go to do it. They have the best obstacles to have laser war around; you can divide and conquer, attack the flanks, or put the team on your back and go Rambo on your opposing team! There are so many reasons to want to go to Main Event, and these are just a few. But if you really want a taste of the fun go to Main Event Frisco and you can experience what I have!

Main Event
Main Event

I went out to Main Event in Frisco for a little fun with my best friend Savannah after being stuck all week in a tough volleyball team filled schedule.  And what a way to end the week it was. I hadn’t been to Main Event in almost a year and I’d almost forgotten how to “do it”, but as soon as we got our play cards my skills came very naturally. Savannah and I darted straight to the arcade games, the classic Skee Ball in particular. We basically did a circuit of the entire game room, including the “kiddy games”.  We have no shame!

Girls Rock Out at Main Event Arcade

Just like anyone else who has ever been to Main Event, we were immediately drawn to Guitar Hero! After playing almost 10 songs we realized how long we had been rocking and rocking. One could easily say we got lost in our rock star mentalities.

After the adventures in the arcade room had come to an end, we spotted what looked like an obstacle course, or a canopy zip line tour, or maybe a hybrid of the two.

On to the Ropes Course

I’m sure you can guess where we went next; Gravity Ropes– and they were absolutely exhilarating. (I had done them once before with my volleyball team. Main Event was our favorite place to go for team bonding.)

I’ve always been a little afraid of heights but I also love that feeling so these were perfect for me. To do the ropes you get into a harness and attach yourself to the ropes so there’s really no way of falling but there’s slack in the ropes so you still are completely in control of everywhere and everything you do – unless you fall – which I have.  Many times.  Savannah may or may not be a little more graceful on a harness than me, but these things happen sometimes!

After we came down from the ropes course we decided to play one more round of guitar hero before getting our bowling game on!

Bowling is fun with family, friends (or dates)

Bowling is always so much fun.  It’s also a great family event or even a fun date idea! I had my first date with my boyfriend bowling at Main Event! I totally beat him, but he claims to have gone easy on me. (That’s what they all say!) Anyway, Savannah and I bowled one game, and it was a close game, but I took the “W” in the end, and I know she didn’t go easy on me!

Girls and our (Bowling) Shoes

We both decided the best part of bowling, behind the black light moments, is THOSE SHOES! We had dance moves the world hadn’t ever seen before, thanks to those slippery shoes! Needless to say we had a great time at Main Event and we plan on going back and taking more of our girl friends!

Main Event
Main Event

Entertaining Out of Town Guests and Family Can Be So Easy.

Here’s An Emergency “Fun Things to Do” Game Plan for when you’ve got to get out of the house with your guests.

Summer and Holiday Guest Stress

Are you the type who defines happiness as when your guests arrive or when they leave?  Entertaining a houseful of family or visiting friends can be nerve racking especially when the heat is keeping everyone inside fighting for the remote or the last of the snacks while complaining there’s nothing to do or “I’m bored”.

Consider the different state of being you can find at Main Event.  One that takes you away from the frenzy of keeping the house clean and food prepared for a crowd while trying to be super mom or dad.

Here’s your emergency plan: Take your crew to Main Event and let us do the entertaining, the cooking, the cleaning, and the directing to each persons corner of happiness away from the house in the comfort of our enormous family fun centers.

There is something for everyone here so you can stick together or you can run about with your own personal happiness as priority.

Here are some fun things to do with a family

–  Start out with a group bowling event.  The lights and music (and the bumper option) make bowling fun for all ages.

–  Send the most daring of your group to try the ropes course or rock wall.*

–  Send the men to the billiards room for some fun on the professional level pool tables and see who gets the lucky shot that seemed like he planned it.

–  Send the game lovers to the Arcade area.  There are even some extreme rides you’ve got to check out there.  They may even have you hanging upside down. (Do this before pizza).

–  Meet up for some food where everyone can pick out a favorite from the latest menu – A dining destination in itself.

– Want to keep the family in the dark…. Laser Tag brings out some funny strategies and techniques from those who are most competitive.  You might see another side of your Uncle or cousin or parent.

–  And for you… maybe you might find yourself hidden away at the Shots Bar with a cool one just watching the action from the comfort of your personal bubble J  (as long as you’re 21, of course).

Entertainment Fun & Happiness

So don’t be cooped up with the ones you love.  Go out and get some happiness together at Main Event and let us take care of the “What’s there to do?” question!

A couple tips for a family group

– If you have a big group, consider reserving a party room as your “home base” while at the center. Call in advance for availability.

–  Check out our Specials.  There are some that run each day of the week and some that are time/day specific.  But all our specials give you more fun for the money.

Tell us about your visit

We really hope you make good memories while at our centers.  If so, please Like us on Facebook and get us in your Pintrest or Twitter posts and let us know.   In the process, some other family might be grateful for the idea for where to go for family fun in Dallas or in one of our other cities.

*(Rock wall available in Austin only)

Main Event
Main Event