When visiting Main Event Entertainment, one of the main attractions is bowling.   If you look closer, you might also discover the funniest entertainment – observing the different ways people bowl.   There are probably as many different styles of bowling as there are people.

Have you seen these bowling styles in action?

The graceful bowler

They are more experienced and take their approach and ball release with such fluid motion the ball makes no sound hitting the lane.  The back leg slides gracefully to one side in a balance with an arm that raises extended like a bow after a dance performance.

The serious bowler

They are the ones who are so focused you’d think their stare will have the pins falling down in fear before the ball is released.  Nothing seems to faze them, either.  Whether a spare, strike or split, they maintain their game face till the finish.

The entertainer bowler

This bowler is typically more interested in making his friends laugh than how many pins are hit.  The laughs may generate from the way he comes up with strange and unconventional styles of rolling the ball that would horrify the Graceful Bowler above.  This bowler keeps the lane maintenance worker’s job secure.

The dancing bowler

Main Event is a great place to boogey while you bowl.  With the rocking music and black light disco lights that come on now and then, the dancing bowler assumes the John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever personality.  The slick bowling shoes is a bonus for a dancing bowler.  You’ll see slides and spins and maybe a hip wiggle during their turn on the bowling “dance floor”.

The bowling whisperer

This bowler communicates with the ball and the pins.  “I’m gonna take you down.” She says to the pins.  “Ok baby, roll right down the middle and do your thing.”, she’ll instruct the ball.  When they don’t do as told, you may hear some scolding from the bowling whisperer.   When she hears the equipment talk back in the conversation, well, prepare to change lanes.

The happy bowler

This is everyone who makes their way to Main Event for an hour or two of bowling with friends, family, or colleagues.  Come one, come all, happy bowlers….come refine your own special one-of-a-kind bowling style!

Let us know what you’re style of bowling is!

Main Event
Main Event

Are you hitting the gym again for the same old boring exercise routine?  Main Event challenges you to try something new!  Get to your local Main Event bowling alley for your health.  Yes, bowling is good exercise with side benefits.

Bowling Burns Calories

Bowling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, similar to walking with free weights. Bowling helps in burning calories and works muscle groups not usually exercised. The flexing and stretching in bowling works tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles in the arms and promotes weight loss. While most sports are not for elderly people, it is possible to practice bowling very well at advanced ages.

Apart from the physical benefits, it also has psychosocial benefits, strengthening friendships or creating new ones in groups. – Wikipedia

Laughter is healthy

We think the best health benefit is from the laughter and strengthening of friendships.    Individual or family bowling brings on the laughter – by watching others or laughing at oneself, humor is healthy.

Laughter has other benefits besides burning calories, including relief of emotional stress and a workout for the muscles of the diaphragm, abdomen, back, and shoulders.  So work that core extra hard with each bowl and giggle!  See what About.com has to say about healthy laughter: 

At Main Event, bowling and laughter go naturally together and will be more fun than gym machines or any yoga leg-up downward dog kind of movement.  So, mix up your exercise routine and come bowling at Main Event …for the exercise (wink wink). 

We recommend 30 minutes, 3 times per week.

Main Event
Main Event