One thing I truly love about Main Event is its versatility. I can take my grandma, my brother, my team, my best friends, the kids I babysit, or even my boyfriend! No matter who I’m with I will always have options of fun things to do. For instance, my first date was at Main Event and it was the perfect set up! We bowled which is fun competition, shared food at a great price, and even had arcade games and a little music to protect us from any awkward silences. (There’s always at least one!) My high school even has our post prom party at Main Event and every year nothing but great things are said about the experience.

Fun Card, Food & Games

It’s so easy to convince my friends to go to Main Event with me because there are so many selling points! If you want food they have it all! Pizza, Chicken Fingers, drinks, and even candies! The arcade games are not only kid friendly, but parent friendly too! Sometimes it is hard for adults to figure out some of the new games, but not here. And you never have to worry about losing any tokens or tickets because everything you need to have is on one little fun card!

If you haven’t ever played laser tag before, this is the place you want to go to do it. They have the best obstacles to have laser war around; you can divide and conquer, attack the flanks, or put the team on your back and go Rambo on your opposing team! There are so many reasons to want to go to Main Event, and these are just a few. But if you really want a taste of the fun go to Main Event Frisco and you can experience what I have!

Main Event
Main Event