It’s the middle of Spring Break and the kids are getting restless.  The cries have begun, “I’m bored!”  “There’s nothing to do around here!”

Resist the temptation to say “You could go clean your room” and treat the kids to a FUN outing at Main Event Entertainment with the Spring Break FUNpass.

The Spring Break FUNpass is a great way to package a lot of FUN for yourself, your family and even their friends in one nice, low price!

From now until March 31, you can bowl, play laser tag, as well as many other location specific activities like rock climbing, Gravity ropes obstacle course (12 feet in the air!) and mini-golf. The best thing…you can play as much as you want during your FUNpass session.

There are two sessions everyday, a daytime session from 9AM – 4PM for $15.95 per person, per session and an evening session from 5PM to Close for $17.95 per person, per session.

The beauty of the Spring Break FUNpass is the versatility! The FUNpass is an easy solution to please all ages and interests. Plus the adults can enjoy a cocktail or two and play a few games of billiards while the kids are running amuck in the always safe, secure, family-friendly atmosphere.

Now you can please them all with a place that BURSTS with FUN ACTIVITIES and the cries will turn to “You’re the best Mom/Dad ever!”

See our website for full details.

Main Event
Main Event