Main Event New Year's Eve

I was on the internet looking for things to do to entertain the kid’s over the holidays and was checking out Main Event’s web site and was so excited to see that Main Event is bringing back their New Year’s Eve All You Can Play packages again this year!

Our family went last year for the first time and had such a good time we talked about it for days.

It was nice to be able to celebrate as a family for a change.  For years, my husband and I have had to find a sitter (not an easy feat for New Year’s Eve!), book reservations for dinner or a hotel party or go to a local watering hole to celebrate. Every place was always over-crowded, over-priced and underwhelming and we spent the night feeling guilty that we weren’t home to blow noisemakers, hoot n’ holler and celebrate with the kids.

Not last year.  Last year was a blast!   I found it on a whim one day when I was once again looking for fun things to do as a family.  It was just a few days before New Year’s Eve and I panicked that it would be sold out, but when I called Main Event the friendly voice on the other end of the line assured me that no advance purchase or reservations were necessary, just come and have a great time.

We went and bowled a few games and the kids went and played laser tag while my husband and I enjoyed an adult beverage and shot a game of pool.  We all went down to the arcade and played some video games and then everyone picked their favorite activity and we did each as a family.  It was really nice!!

We then sat down for a meal and were really impressed by the variety and quality of the food.  The kids got chicken fingers and pizza, my husband devoured the ribs, while I had flatbread and a salad.

Another thing I loved about celebrating at Main Event, and I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I loved that fact that I didn’t have to get my hair done and buy an expensive dress and wear painful high heels.  I was able to have a casual evening with the family and really enjoy myself.

Well all that said, I guess you don’t have to guess too hard where you’ll find our family this year on New Year’s Eve.  You guessed it…we’ll be ringin’ it in the right way at Main Event Entertainment.

*New Year’s Eve offer available on Saturday, December 31st, 2012 only (Winter FUNpass and Monday Night Madness not available on this day). Certain restrictions apply. Please Click here for details.

Main Event
Main Event

It’s the midst of Fall and the leaves are rustling, the temperature is dropping (as much as temperatures drop in Texas) and we have plenty of reasons to FALL in love with Main Event this season.

We’ve got $5 FUNbination where you can choose your own combination of FUN  and play all day long if you’d like to for just $5 for each activity from Open to Close, Sunday through Friday through November 16th.  .Want to bowl all you want from Open to Close…it’s just 5 bucks per person! Want to play Laser Tag and Billiards all day long…you can! … for just 5 bucks each!  Add rock climbing, mini golf or Gravity where available…you guessed it…just 5 bucks each!

Plus, until October 31st, get in on our Laser Tag Spooktacular where our Laser Tag arena takes on an other worldly dimension with spooky music $5 ALL YOU CAN PLAY Laser Tag all month long.

Jump into your Halloween costume and head out to Main Event on Sunday, October 28th from 2pm – 6pm.  Guests in costume will receive a special treat and can join our costume contest and possibly win some great prizes.

Rumor has it, but it hasn’t been proven, that one of our centers could be haunted.  Late at night doors open by themselves, footsteps can be heard on the 2nd level of an empty Laser Tag arena, shadows mysteriously appear on the walls of the Game Room and strange lights dart down the hallways in Party Street.  True?  We won’t say…you’ll just have to come in and see if the spirit moves you……Mwaaa haaa haaa

Main Event
Main Event

I went out to Main Event in Frisco for a little fun with my best friend Savannah after being stuck all week in a tough volleyball team filled schedule.  And what a way to end the week it was. I hadn’t been to Main Event in almost a year and I’d almost forgotten how to “do it”, but as soon as we got our play cards my skills came very naturally. Savannah and I darted straight to the arcade games, the classic Skee Ball in particular. We basically did a circuit of the entire game room, including the “kiddy games”.  We have no shame!

Girls Rock Out at Main Event Arcade

Just like anyone else who has ever been to Main Event, we were immediately drawn to Guitar Hero! After playing almost 10 songs we realized how long we had been rocking and rocking. One could easily say we got lost in our rock star mentalities.

After the adventures in the arcade room had come to an end, we spotted what looked like an obstacle course, or a canopy zip line tour, or maybe a hybrid of the two.

On to the Ropes Course

I’m sure you can guess where we went next; Gravity Ropes– and they were absolutely exhilarating. (I had done them once before with my volleyball team. Main Event was our favorite place to go for team bonding.)

I’ve always been a little afraid of heights but I also love that feeling so these were perfect for me. To do the ropes you get into a harness and attach yourself to the ropes so there’s really no way of falling but there’s slack in the ropes so you still are completely in control of everywhere and everything you do – unless you fall – which I have.  Many times.  Savannah may or may not be a little more graceful on a harness than me, but these things happen sometimes!

After we came down from the ropes course we decided to play one more round of guitar hero before getting our bowling game on!

Bowling is fun with family, friends (or dates)

Bowling is always so much fun.  It’s also a great family event or even a fun date idea! I had my first date with my boyfriend bowling at Main Event! I totally beat him, but he claims to have gone easy on me. (That’s what they all say!) Anyway, Savannah and I bowled one game, and it was a close game, but I took the “W” in the end, and I know she didn’t go easy on me!

Girls and our (Bowling) Shoes

We both decided the best part of bowling, behind the black light moments, is THOSE SHOES! We had dance moves the world hadn’t ever seen before, thanks to those slippery shoes! Needless to say we had a great time at Main Event and we plan on going back and taking more of our girl friends!

Main Event
Main Event

Main Event Laser Tag

I still remember that day.  That pulse pounding, heart racing, action packed day.  The day that I enlisted for laser tag.  5 minutes I stood in line, with my hands shaking with excitement every passing second.  I traded words with the other enlisters, oblivious that they’d be in my gun sights during the battle.  At last, the doors opened, and the enlisters stepped inside, myself included.

Preparing for Laser Tag

Our referee introduced himself and we chose our weapons.  After minutes that felt like seconds, we were all geared up and ready to fight.  The referee had us split into two teams of even numbers.  Of course, our definition of “even” did not match his.  In the end it was him that chose our teams.  I stood by my fellow enlisters I talked to them in the line, as the referee fixed his problem.  He needed three soldiers on the other team, and chose them by pointing.  He pointed at me.  I had no choice.  My feet dragged me to other team.  After the choosing, we were sent into opposite sides of the battle ground.  Our referee informed us of the arena and gave us our marching orders.

The Battle  – More than a Laser Tag Game

My fellow soldiers and I charged our weapons with a special computer.  Our goal was simple: shoot or be shot.  Once the buzzer sounded, the arena began to fill with screams of determination and rage.  Before we knew it, we were ambushed.  The lasers begin to fly wildly, the enemies coming at us like a swarm of angry wasps.  In retaliation, we took cover.

As I watched my comrades be ripped apart by enemy fire, I circled around and shot down two guys, with two more closing in on me.  Avoiding their lasers, I quickly ran for the upper level, taking some of my fellow soldiers with me.

We ran for the pillars and peered out from the openings to cover the enemies with laser fire.  One down, two down, three down, eight more still standing.  They rushed us.  We were forced to fall back, but thankfully, got all our soldiers together to swarm them with a wild lightshow of ammunition.  They ran back.

Now it was our turn.  I screamed at the top of my tired lungs, yelling for my comrades to take the sides.  We shot down enemy after enemy like locusts devouring leaves like by the thousands.  They quickly got to their feet for another charge.  We surrounded their base, shooting it to win the battle.  At the same time, the opponents shot our base.  With great speed, I rushed over to shoo them away.  But my comrades were being shot down.  They retreated to resupply, but the time was running low.  After fully charging my life and weapon, I charged to the base, bringing only myself.  I screamed as I shot the base, and as I was shot too, they finally brought me down.

As we walked out, we traded our final farewells, until next time.

Main Event
Main Event

Main Event San Antonio Opening

The newest Main Event Entertainment is now open for business in the Alamo City, making it our tenth location in Texas. The 50,000 square-foot facility is conveniently located in The Legacy Shopping Center off Loop 1604 and U.S. 281 on San Antonio’s far North Side.

We are excited about the opening of our 10th Main Event Entertainment location and our continued expansion throughout Texas in 2012 and outside of Texas starting in 2013. This is just the beginning of the commitment we’ve made to grow the company and our team is looking forward to being a part of the San Antonio community and helping families and corporate guests experience fun in a new way.

Main Event San Antonio, open seven days a week, offers entertainment options for the entire family such as, premier bowling lanes, multi-level laser tag, a Gravity ropes course that looms high above a games area filled with state-of-the-art games, full-service premium stocked bars and more. Similar to other Main Event Entertainment locations across the state, the San Antonio complex offers free Wi-Fi and has the capacity to host family gatherings, birthday parties for all ages, corporate and private events with VIP accommodations, superb dining options and superior guest service.

Main Event San Antonio was built with the entire family in mind. Our high definition giant television screens, ultra modern laser tag arena and gravity ropes course suspended above the games area are sure to be among our favorite attractions.  We are really taking fun to a whole new level in order to become San Antonio’s premier Eat. Bowl. Play. destination.

Main Event San Antonio is truly our flagship location.  If you’ve been to other Main Event locations or are visiting us for the first time, prepare to be awestruck as you walk through the doors of this beautiful new family entertainment center.

If you are in the San Antonio area, be sure to stop by and check us out!

Main Event
Main Event