This Place Ain’t Just For Kids!

My husband and I were looking for something to do for a night out on the town.

Dinner?   Maybe.

Movie?    Not again.

Researching on the web, we discovered Main Event Entertainment, which we had heard about from our friends who went for birthday parties and such, but we thought it was just a kids place.  Here it was listed as one of the best places to play billiards in Plano.  Who knew?

As we scanned their web site we discovered they had many activities that would be fun for a couple to do and decided to head to the Frisco location to try out the ropes coarse.

So we set out on “date night” just the two of us on a FUN night out together.

We started with bowling, which is always a hoot.  Then played billiards and had an adult beverage.  Main Event actually has a full bar with great drinks!  Not your average bowling alley or pool hall offerings but a nice array of drinks more like you’d find at a night club.

We then headed for Gravity, the ropes course, which was a bit scary for me and I had to back my way down. My husband being a bit bolder finished the course like a svelte trapeze artist and all but pounded his chest when he was done because he had breezed through the course and I had chickened out.  Ok, but it was really high up there and people were below us playing miniature golf.  You’re harnessed in and safe, but my body wasn’t believing what my head was trying to tell it …my legs felt like noodles when I reached the ground.

We each got a FUNcard and headed to the game room which has hundreds of games.  So we drove race cars, raced motorcycles, sliced fruit, rode rollers coasters, slammed air hockey pucks, shot hoops, ramped up ski balls and so much more it’s a blur now.

We had such a good time and worked up quite an appetite by the time we were done so we sat down for a full service meal.  He had the ribs which were really tender and fell of the bones and I had a beautiful salad.  We had another cocktail and decided to head home after a fantastic “date”.

For an “old” married couple this was a perfect place for a night out together filled with fun, out of the ordinary activities and we got some good exercise to boot!

Main Event
Main Event